What if you had all the answers within you?

I wish someone had asked me that when I started out in my business.

I wasted so much time and energy enrolling in program after program and never actually getting down to the nitty-gritty; tuning in to MY UNIQUE ABILITIES & shining MY LIGHT onto the world.

Instead I hired coach after coach, getting increasingly more frustrated. I wanted to be told the secrets - how to get it right! But nobody could give me that, because what I needed the most, and what I lacked, was Radical Self Trust and Inner Knowing.

And that is exactly WHY I have created this morning alignment practice for you!

I want you to know that you are worthy, you are lovable, you are enough. You are unique. There is no-one in the world like you, so it's time you learnt to trust your higher self, and started giving your gifts to the world - because the world is waiting for you.

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